Mike and Laurie started Grottoli’s Maple along with their daughters (Lisa, Missy and Becky) in 1988.  With about 1,500 taps, they boiled on a 2' x 3' open wood fire in their backyard in North Granville, New York.  In 1991 the operation moved to an old barn on their property and they upgraded to a 3 ½' x 12' evaporator.

For the 2000 season, a brand new sugar house was built on their property in neighboring Middle Granville, New York with a prime location just off Route 22.

Along with the new sugar house came an addition of a 3' x 10' oil fired evaporator!  Many upgrades have since been made including the addition of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Machine.

These days, you’ll find it takes the whole family -- including son-in-laws, Parrish, Mike and Mark and grandchildren Olivia, Thomas, Taylor, Brett, Jacie and Jaxon -- to keep the operation running smoothly.  Everyone takes part -- from tapping trees, to gathering sap, boiling, canning syrup and even serving pancake breakfast!