While the food and service was top notch, this multi-generation family operation is the example we need more of in America. Thanks for the experience. Don't pass by this place. - Chris C.

Hospitality was A+
Food and syrup the same! - Ray R.

Mike Grottoli! Best maple syrup in America! Looking forward to the open house this year. Hoping we will be in the Northeast for it. - Jim L. 

The best one that we went to the last two weekends, great food. And great people, have it on our list for next year.👍 - John W.

The pancakes were excellent, I loved that they thought to have the maple syrup warm! We will be back!! - Linley W.

Anyone need a REAL Maple Syrup fix? They have it....syrup, maple cream, maple candy, maple roasted nuts, maple cotton candy for special events. - Nicolé B.

The best maple syrup makers around. - Thomas M.